3 Advantages of Instructing Solicitors to Collect Debt

If you have outstanding invoices you may be asking yourself whether you should attempt to collect the debt yourself, use a debt collection agency (DCA) or instruct a law firm. Here are 3 main reasons why instructing solicitors to collect debt can be more advantageous:

1 – Solicitors can manage the debt collection process from start to finish.

Unlike a DCA who cannot issue court proceedings, a law firm is authorised to issue proceedings. Your Debt-Claims lawyers will be able to carry out all aspects from letter before action, to court proceedings and enforcement;

2 – Debt-Claims Solicitors is not as expensive as you think.

Part of our ethos is to offer affordable debt recovery. With Debt-Claims, you can send solicitors letters for as little as £2.50 and uncontested small claims proceedings costs are recoverable from the debtor in full;

3 – The impact of a solicitors letter.

For a debtor, the influence of a solicitors letter landing on their doorstep is often all that’s needed to get payment. Around 95% of debtors pay after receiving our first letter.

If you are struggling to collect debt owed to you, our portal can help you recover money fast and cost-effective.

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