A Case Study of Effective Enforcement

In this case study, we delve into a challenging scenario faced by us, highlighting our strategic approach in dealing with non-cooperative debtors. The case involves a debtor who consistently refused to engage with the client or us, leading to a more complex recovery process.


The debtor’s refusal to engage or acknowledge the debt necessitated the issuance of a claim by us. Despite this escalation, the debtor responded with an unsubstantiated defence, complicating the process further.


Faced with this situation, we opted for a proactive and cost-effective approach. We filed for a Summary Judgment application on behalf of the client. This strategic move aimed to minimise costs while striving for the desired outcome. Importantly, before proceeding with this legal action, the debtor was given multiple opportunities to settle the debt, which they ignored.


The hearing resulted in the debtor’s defence being struck out, as we anticipated. This outcome vindicated our strategic approach and demonstrated our commitment to efficiently resolving complex debt recovery cases. Our client is now exploring various enforcement options to recover the owed amount.

This case exemplifies our expertise in handling challenging debt recovery cases. Our approach combines legal and commercial acumen with strategic enforcement options, ensuring the best possible outcome for our clients while minimising unnecessary costs. It underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive, efficient, and client-focused debt recovery solutions.

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