An Insolvency Practitioner’s Success

In the realm of debt recovery, persistence and strategic legal manoeuvres often lead to successful outcomes. This case study exemplifies how Debt-Claims, backed by expert Solicitors, navigated through a complex debt recovery process.


Our client, a property maintenance and aftersales business, had been pursuing a debtor for over six months for an outstanding debt. The journey began with a statutory demand issued through the Debt-Claims portal, followed by formal proceedings due to the debtor’s non-compliance.

The Legal Journey

The debt was undisputed, and our client successfully obtained a County Court Judgment (CCJ) through our streamlined portal. The next step was High Court enforcement, a process that took several months but unfortunately did not yield the desired results. In this challenging scenario, our team advised the client to adopt a more aggressive legal strategy.

Turning to Winding Up Proceedings

Debt-Claims recommended pursuing a winding up petition, a powerful legal tool in debt recovery. This approach was based on the understanding that it could potentially facilitate the recovery of funds. During the winding up petition, the debtor initiated settlement negotiations. However, these discussions did not lead to favourable terms for our client.

Successful Outcome

At the winding up hearing, we achieved a significant victory: the Court granted a winding up order. This outcome marked a pivotal turn in the case, demonstrating the effectiveness of the chosen legal strategy.

Current Status

The matter is now with our insolvency partner for administration, a crucial phase where we expect further progress in recovering the funds owed to our client.

This case highlights the importance of a robust and adaptable approach in debt recovery. By leveraging our expertise and the comprehensive solutions available through our portal, Debt-Claims was able to guide our client through a complex legal landscape, resulting in a successful winding up order. It underscores our commitment to delivering results, even in challenging scenarios. To find out more about how Debt-Claims can assist your business, contact us today or call us on 02475 185 608.

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