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MCOL (Money Claims Online) is part of the HM Courts and Tribunal Service and was introduced to speed up and simplify the money claim process. MCOL allows anyone who is owed money to register and issue court proceedings (for money) where certain criteria apply (most notably, this is where the claim is up to £100,000...
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Recently, we were introduced to a potential client who owned two independent gym and fitness businesses and it was explained to us that they had several clients who had not paid their gym membership fees. When submitting an instruction via the portal, a user chooses the agreement type (for example, goods sold and delivered) and...
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Whether you’re an independent gym owner, personal trainer, or manage a chain of gyms, there will always be times where clients haven’t paid what’s owed under their contract with you. At Debt-Claims, we pride ourselves in that we act for gyms to help them recover money owed to them. Whether it’s for gym memberships, fitness...
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What really sets Debt-Claims apart from other law firms offering debt recovery is that we developed and own our case management system. This means that we have complete control over all aspects and we regularly update and add new features so that it improves the collection process for you. One of the most popular changes...
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The good news is yes. It is a common misconception that once six years has passed, you can no longer enforce a County Court Judgment (CCJ) that you hold against a debtor. This misunderstanding is likely down to a mixture of CCJs no longer being visible on a debtor’s record and that six years is...
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Debt Claims A Look At A Recent Winding-Up Petition Blog Images
Recently, Debt-Claims Solicitors were instructed to petition the Court for the winding-up of a company which owed our client a reasonable sum of money. The twist was that the debtor company maintained that it had paid our client and attempted to evidence this by way of a bank statement that showed a debit entry of...
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Debt Claims Where Can I Find The Court's Contact Details
The easiest way to find a specific Court’s contact details is via their online search system which is available at With a few simple details, such as the postcode of the area you want to search in or the name of the Court, then you can use this system to find all the available...
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Debt Claims What Is Small Claims Mediation
The Small Claims Mediation Service is a free service provided by the Courts for claims within the small claims track (i.e. up to £10,000). To qualify for mediation all parties involved must agree to be part of the process. During the mediation process, a trained and neutral mediator will contact each party in turn to...
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Debt Claims What Is An Application To Set Aside A Judgement
An application to set aside a judgment is a formal application made to the Court. Generally, such applications are made when a default county court judgment (CCJ) has been awarded against a respondent and they want to challenge it; usually this will be because they either did not receive the claim form or did not...
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