What Information is Needed to Begin Debt Collection?

If you are owed money and you want to begin the debt collection process, we can get the process going with just a few small details; meaning that you don’t have to spend considerable time digging out every piece of correspondence before you make a start.

The sooner you can get the ball rolling, then the sooner you should get paid.

Apart from details of the creditor, all we need as a minimum from you are three small bits of information.

  1. Debtor details – as a minimum, a name and address. Additional information such as specific contact people, email addresses and extra postal addresses can also be provided if you have these.
  • Agreement details – if you’re collecting money owed by a company, then all we need is a description of what the contract was for. Whether this is goods sold and delivered, for example. If you’re collecting money owed by a sole trader or consumer, then we also need to know whether the contract was established in writing or orally, and whether the debtor has attempted to pay by instalments. Further information such as date of the agreement or specifics can be provided if you have these.
  • Debt details – if you have details of when the debt was due from and how much is owed, then you have enough information to instruct us. Copies of contracts, invoices, statement of accounts or purchase orders can also be provided if you have them.

As the above shows, only minimal information is required. Of course, there’s always benefits to providing extra information and it can prevent future disputes if everything is provided up front.

If you are owed money then you can instruct us today in less than one minute – just register (for free) at www.debt-claims.com, select the service you require and enter a few details, and we’ll get the ball rolling immediately.

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