Do You Dread Chasing Your Late Payers

If you are a business owner and you dread chasing certain late payers, then why not let Debt-Claims help you.

With a few details about the debtor, you can instruct us to send the debtor a Late Payment Demand (LPD) for just £2.50. This is a quick and short letter that lets the debtor know solicitors are now instructed to pursue the matter. If the debtor doesn’t make payment, then you can instruct us to escalate the matter to a Letter Before Action (LBA) in just a couple of clicks – our portal remembers all the information already entered so that you can escalate quickly and save time.

An LBA via Debt-Claims costs just £12.50 and we find that the majority (around 95%) of debtors make payment following one. For those that don’t, you can quickly escalate the LBA into a money claim and issue proceedings against the debtor. As our portal is integrated with the Court’s Money Claims Online (MCOL) service, all instructions for claims and judgments are actioned instantly.

If you have persistent problems with late payers, then register with Debt-Claims today and let us help you recover unpaid invoices quickly and cost effectively.

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