How can Debt-Claims Help you Recover Money Owed for Overpaid Wages?

As an employer, it is not uncommon for wages to be overpaid – particularly at the end of an employment contract or where the employment was for a fixed period. Similarly, it is more regular than you might imagine for zero-hour or hourly paid staff to submit inaccurate working hours, leading to an overpayment.

Where an employee refuses to repay wages, it can in certain circumstances amount to a criminal offence. Whilst pursuing an employee through the criminal process might not be an avenue you want to take, the civil process for overpaid wages is straightforward and with Debt-Claims, we can take your claim all the way from pre-action letters up to court proceedings and enforcement.

If your business has overpaid an employee who declines to reimburse you, then head over to our registration page to register for free and send an initial Letter Before Action for just £12.50.

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