How can Debt-Claims Help you Recover Money Owed for Unpaid Utilities?

In the current climate, more and more customers are dealing with unpaid utilities services provided to them. As a utilities provider, you have competing aims of trying to collect money owed and managing the customer’s account so that the arrears don’t continue to increase.

Debt-Claims has a cost-effective solution to this through the use of its pre-action letters. From just £2.50, you can send a late payment demand (LPD) to the debtor. This letter uses softer language to encourage the debtor to engage and bring their account up-to-date whilst also letting them know that solicitors have been instructed. This stern but fair approach has been successful for many clients of ours and extremely cost effective.

As well as being cost effective, our portal uses intelligent questions to narrow down the specifics of each matter. With this additional information, all correspondence sent to the debtor is bespoke to the facts of the current matter – including legal proceedings.

If you or your business are chasing unpaid utilities, then Debt-Claims can help you collect the money quickly and cost effectively. Head over to our registration page to register for free and begin the debt collection process in moments.

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