How can Debt-Claims Help you Recover Money Owed Pursuant to an Assignment of Debt?

As a creditor who is entitled to a debt by way of assignment (for example, under a fracturing arrangement or a general assignment) part of the difficulty in getting the debtor to pay is being able to explain the situation to them. Whilst you may have already served the debtor with a notice of assignment, these can go ignored by debtors.

With Debt-Claims unique and bespoke approach to collecting debt, once you have entered the debtor’s details and selected the type of agreement, our portal will ask you specific questions to build up a complete picture of the arrangement. With this information, it tailors all correspondence and court proceedings to the specific facts of the matter and provides the debtor with clarity as to who is now owed the money under the assignment and why – giving maximum potential for recovery.

The Debt-Claims’ portal offers a start-to-finish debt recovery system for assigned debts; from pre-action letters to court proceedings and enforcement.

If you are owed money pursuant to an assignment (or any other type of contract) then our portal will assist in collecting the money quickly and efficiently.

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