How Debt-Claims Solicitors Can Revolutionise Your Debt Recovery Procedures

Whether you are a business owner or a debt recovery agency, collecting unpaid debts can be exasperating and time-consuming. Debt-Claims Solicitors removes all the challenges associated with collecting unpaid invoices by providing users with a solution developed for SME’s in mind.

Gone are the days of having to write off thousands of pounds in unpaid invoices because the time and expense associated with debt recovery are too great. Using the best-in-class technology, our Debt-Claims Portal allows users to create an account and upload their details and those of the debtors, including how much is owed, contact details, addresses, and any previous steps to recover the debt. What makes the Debt-Claims Portal a game changer is every step of the debt recovery process can be managed through one system. For example, if you need to send a Letter Before Action, you can create it through the Portal and send the letter out on official letterhead. There is no need to pay for additional legal advice and letters can be turned around in 24 hours.

Another key feature of the Debt-Claims Portal is that it quickly tells you how much interest you are entitled to via a series of information buttons. The correct type of late-payment interest can be selected, and the Portal calculates the final invoice automatically. In short, the Portal has been designed to be highly intuitive with information bubbles to guide you through the debt collection process, ensuring you collect the monies you are owed.

How Debt-Claims provides a complete solution for debt recovery

The Debt-Claims Portal is designed to allow you to undertake all preliminary debt-recovery processes yourself, without having to pay for expensive legal fees. You can even go as far as issuing legal proceedings. If the debtor chooses to defend proceedings, our fully qualified and regulated Debt Recovery Solicitors will step in to advise and represent you. At that point, you can either settle or advance the claim at an agreed hourly rate.

Below are the ways the Debt-Claims Portal can make your debt recovery processes easier:

  • Saving time – taking court action to recover a debt can be time-consuming if you are unsure of the process. By using the debt-claims portal you can swiftly issue a claim for a County Court Judgment and keep track of all the steps you have taken before reaching this point (for example, sending a letter before action). Furthermore, you can be confident that the form you have filed for a County Court Judgment has been checked by an expert in debt claims and is therefore accurate.
  • Controlling costs – The Debt-Claims Portal allows you to control the costs of collecting unpaid debts. For example, you can send a late payment demand for as little as £2.50 and a letter before action for £12.50.
  • Confidence in your actions – Because the Debt-Claims Portal was created by and is administered by fully qualified solicitors, you can trust that every correspondence you send and action you take to recover your debts will be regulated.

Wrapping up

Late payments and recovering debt have always been one of the most frustrating aspects of business ownership. Unfortunately, according to the Federation for Small Businesses, 62% of small businesses report being affected by late payments at some point or other, with around 50,000 small companies closing each year due to late payments. Furthermore, the longer you delay confronting a late or non-payer, the less likely you are to recover the debt.

Debt-Claims Solicitors provides a seamless, automated vehicle for recovering debts quickly and cost-effectively. The Debt-Claims portal is easy to use and is created by a team of debt recovery specialists dedicated to taking the stress out of domestic and international business debt recovery for SMEs. Our professional, bespoke digital business debt recovery processes provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution to debt recovery, which is convenient and simple to use.

To access the Debt-Claims Portal, please click here and transform your debt recovery processes.

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