The Crucial Step Before Issuing a Claim: Ensuring Accurate Information

In the meticulous process of debt recovery, the accuracy of the information provided at the outset of a claim is paramount. Recent experiences have highlighted a common pitfall encountered by clients using the Debt-Claims Solicitors portal: the submission of claims with incorrect details for either the claimant or the defendant. This seemingly minor oversight can lead to significant repercussions, including additional fees, prolonged court processes, and potential adverse impacts on the claim’s outcome. This blog explores the importance of ensuring correct information before issuing a claim and offers practical advice for conducting thorough due diligence.

The Impact of Incorrect Information

Submitting a claim with incorrect details can have several unintended consequences:

  • Additional Fees: Correcting details post-submission often incurs further costs, as amendments need to be processed and approved by the court.
  • Delayed Proceedings: Claims with inaccuracies are typically placed on hold, awaiting corrections. This delay can extend the recovery process by months, affecting cash flow and the overall timeline of the debt recovery effort.
  • Adverse Effects on the Claim: Incorrect information can undermine the legal standing of a claim. It may lead to challenges in serving the defendant properly, potentially jeopardising the claim’s success.

Ensuring Accuracy from the Start

The key to avoiding these pitfalls lies in the meticulous verification of all details before issuing a claim. This can be achieved through:

  • Conducting Debtor Traces: Utilise tracing services to confirm the current whereabouts and contact details of the debtor. This step is crucial for ensuring that the claim reaches the right party.
  • Checking Companies House: For claims against businesses, a review of Companies House records can verify the accuracy of company details. This is essential for ensuring that legal documents are directed to the correct entity.
  • Adhering to Pre-Action Protocols: Proper service of the Letter Before Action (LBA) and compliance with pre-action protocols are foundational to a valid claim. Ensuring that these steps are executed correctly can prevent disputes over procedural inaccuracies.

The Role of Technology in Ensuring Accuracy

Leveraging technology, such as the Debt-Claims Solicitors online portal, can significantly aid in the accuracy and efficiency of the debt recovery process. The portal offers tools for:

  • Automated Data Verification: Features that help validate debtor information against public records.
  • Document Management: Systems that organise and track the progress of your claim, ensuring all details are correct and up-to-date.
  • Guidance on Compliance: Resources that assist in understanding and adhering to pre-action protocols and legal requirements.

Best Practices for Claimants

To mitigate the risks associated with incorrect information, claimants are advised to:

  • Double-Check All Submissions: Before finalising any claim, review all details for accuracy. This includes names, addresses, and any identifying information.
  • Utilise Professional Services: Consider employing professional tracing services or legal advice to ensure the information is correct and the claim is compliant with legal standards.
  • Leverage Technology: Make use of online platforms like Debt-Claims Solicitors to streamline the submission process and minimise the risk of errors.


The accuracy of claimant and defendant details is not just a procedural formality; it is a critical factor that can determine the success and efficiency of the debt recovery process. By conducting thorough due diligence before issuing a claim, clients can avoid unnecessary delays, additional costs, and potential complications in their recovery efforts. In today’s digital age, embracing technology like the Debt-Claims Solicitors portal can provide the necessary tools and resources to ensure that this due diligence is performed effectively and efficiently.

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