Unpaid Gym Memberships, Fitness Classes or Personal Training Sessions

Whether you’re an independent gym owner, personal trainer, or manage a chain of gyms, there will always be times where clients haven’t paid what’s owed under their contract with you.

At Debt-Claims, we pride ourselves in that we act for gyms to help them recover money owed to them. Whether it’s for gym memberships, fitness classes or personal training sessions, we can help you recover what’s owed from just £2.50.

For £2.50, we will send the debtor a late payment demand by email (or £6.00 for post and email) that sets out the debt owed and demands payment. As our late payment demand costs just a few pounds, this makes chasing even small debts (such as single training sessions) completely viable and cost effective.

Whilst one of our late payment demands is often enough to bring about payment, you can escalate the late payment demand to a formal letter before action for just £12.50. What’s more, do not charge any commission or other costs, meaning that you keep everything recovered.

Debt-Claims offer all debt recovery solutions from pre-action letters, court proceedings and enforcement, and statutory demands and insolvency proceedings.

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