What is a Claim Form?

A claim form is a document used to start legal proceedings.

There are various prescribed forms depending on the type of claim to be issued. Generally, most claim forms will include details of parties to the claim, the court, the claim number, and particulars of claim (these are the grounds upon which a party establishes its case).

With money claims, most will be issued using the Form N1. Different variants of Form N1 exist depending on the method or court by which it is to be issued (for example, online via the Money Claims Online service).

When issuing proceedings through Debt-Claims Solicitors, we have uniquely designed our system to ask you the key questions needed so that we can draft the claim form correctly. Once drafted, we submit this to the court who then ‘issue’ the claim form (this means, approve it and make it live) and serve it on the debtor along with an N9 Response Pack.

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