What is the Difference Between MCOL and Debt-Claims?

MCOL (Money Claims Online) is part of the HM Courts and Tribunal Service and was introduced to speed up and simplify the money claim process.

MCOL allows anyone who is owed money to register and issue court proceedings (for money) where certain criteria apply (most notably, this is where the claim is up to £100,000 and there are two or less defendants). For claims outside of this criteria, the usual process is to submit a paper claim to the relevant court.

MCOL also allows users to request judgments and enforece judgments via the County Court Bailiff. There is no option to send pre-action letters, statutory demands, or enforce judgments via other means. MCOL is also a self-help service, meaning that their advisors are not legally trained and are not there to assist in terms of the correct action to take – leaving the legal minefield to the user to navigate their self.

The Debt-Claims portal is part of Askews Legal LLP and it was created to assist with the money claim process, whilst offering cost effective solutions and other services.

Debt-Claims is available for anyone to register. Once registered, a user can send pre-action letters of claim, issue court proceedings and County Court Judgments (CCJs), enforce judgments via a variety of methods, and serve statutory demands.

It is important to note that the Debt-Claims portal is not a competing service (as money claims have to be issued through the courts). Rather, it is a system that centralises all money claim procedures (including MCOL) and offers a greater user experience through step-by-step guides and trained lawyers on hand to answer your questions. When it comes to issuing money claim proceedings through Debt-Claims, it is integrated with MCOL, meaning that as soon as you submit a claim through the portal, it is also submitted to MCOL for an instant turnaround.

If you are owed money and you are considering court proceedings to recover what is owed, then head over to our website (www.debt-claims.com) today and see how we can simplify and speed-up the process for you.

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