Frequently asked questions

What is a Letter Before Action (LBA)?

A Letter Before Action, also known as a Letter of Claim, is a formal letter that sets out what a claimant states they are entitled to, and what they expect the respondent to do. In the context of debt, the claimant will state why the respondent owes them money and how much, and when it needs paid by, before legal proceedings are issued. An LBA must include certain information in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules.

What is a HCEO?

HCEO stands for High Court Enforcement Officer. HCEOs are officers of the High Court of England and Wales who are responsible for enforcing judgments of the High Court, often by seizing goods or repossessing property. They operate only in England and Wales. A High Court Enforcement Officer may in some cases enforce County Court Judgments (CCJs).

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