How long will it take to recover a debt and what is the cost?

The timescales and procedures for recovering a debt or a money claim are governed by the Civil Procedure Rules.  Much depends on what steps the Debtor takes upon receipt of either a Letter Before Action or a County Court Claim Form.  For example, they may accept that the debt is owed and make a payment or dispute the debt and file a defence.

In smaller value claims (£10,000 or less) where the claim is allocated to the Small Claims Track, it can take on average three to four months before the matter comes before a Court. In claims where the value of the debt is over £10,000 or there are cross-border elements or large-scale disputes, it may take a year or more for the claim to settle.

With regards to costs, you can find out everything you need to know on our Costs guidance page and pricing guide.

Our Debt Claims Solicitors are always on hand to provide advice and support and will advise of the best strategy to minimise your costs and maximise the sums recovered.  The advantage of using our Debt Claims Portal which is backed up by a firm of Solicitors with over 30 years of experience is that we have specialist Dispute Resolution Lawyers who have an in-depth knowledge of the Civil Procedure Rules and understand the tactics and strategies required to win a claim.  We use best-in-class technology and have a robust success rate in winning cases relating to unpaid debts.

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