About Us

Introducing Debt-Claims – guiding you through debt recovery

Debt-Claims is a results-driven online business Debt-Claims portal that harnesses the knowledge and skill of a team of specialist debt recovery specialists. It provides a cost-effective, fast way to collect unpaid debts.  We have over 30 years of experience in debt recovery and dispute resolution and have a robust reputation for successfully achieving results quickly and cost-effectively.

We take a ‘stand in your shoes’ approach to debt recovery, getting to know your business and appreciating the consequences of unpaid invoices. The online portal may be easy and cost-efficient, but beyond that, you will have the support of a full-service law firm should you need it.

Our Debt Team is headed by our 2 principal member Solicitors who were admitted to the roll in 2004 and 2009 respectively. Our principal Solicitors will be assisted by a team of paralegals who do much of the day to day work on cases. Although they are not Solicitors, they collectively have over 10 years’ experience working in civil litigation, specifically in the areas of debt recovery.

Our knowledge and experience mean you can trust our advice and methods and let us take the stress of debt recovery off your shoulders


Steve O’Neill, IDP

Just gone through the process which took about 15 minutes. Simple, straight forward but very professional.


Iain Herron, Omnia

Recovering debts can be a painful and timely process – until now… I was recently fortunate to meet with Askews Legal and they introduced me to their Debt Claims Portal. The portal is very easy to use, it is innovative in its design which takes a layperson through the process with ease. The step by step ease of use gives the user the confidence to follow the flow from start to finish. The cost of trying to reclaim debts can often be very expensive and take up a lot of time and effort, Debt Claims Portal is great value for money, I will continue to use the portal for all future claims.


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