Do I need a Written Contract

The witticism “an oral contract is not worth the paper it is written on” is generally sound advice.  Although purely oral contracts are valid, they are harder to prove in the event of a dispute. It makes obvious and sound commercial sense to confirm a verbal contract in writing, whether made on the phone or […]

Maximizing Cashflow: How Can Help Your Business

Debt collection is a notoriously difficult and time-consuming process that businesses face regularly. It is an unavoidable part of running a business, and unfortunately, unpaid debts can harm cash flow, prevent growth, and reduce profitability. However, Debt-Claims provides businesses with a new approach to debt collection that can streamline the process, increase efficiency, and ultimately […]

Service of a claim form on individuals residing in Scotland or Northern Ireland

We occasionally receive queries from clients who have contracted with individuals who were based in England or Wales, who have defaulted under an agreement and taken up residence in another UK jurisdiction such as Scotland.  Their perception often is that such debtors are not worth pursuing due to expensive administrative work in serving documents outside […]

The smallest debt you can collect

What Is The Smallest Debt You Can Collect?

At Debt-Claims, we do not work on a commission or recovery basis and every instruction receives exactly the same high level of service. As such, we are happy to accept instructions for debts of all values, including low debts that other firms might not take instructions on. Due to court rules however, there are some […]

Use Debt-Claims To Recover Money From A Cancelled Flight

In a shocking story illustrating how far customers now have to go to get a refund and compensation for cancelled flights, media reported yesterday that a Wizz Air customer, Russell Quirk, sent bailiffs to Luton Airport to recover money owed after his flight to Portugal was cancelled with a mere three hours’ notice. Our debt […]

What Information is Needed to Begin Debt Collection?

If you are owed money and you want to begin the debt collection process, we can get the process going with just a few small details; meaning that you don’t have to spend considerable time digging out every piece of correspondence before you make a start. The sooner you can get the ball rolling, then […]

What is Debt Collection

What is Debt Collection?

Debt collection has, in one form or another, been around since the dawn of time and although the methods and laws have changed over the years, the crux of it is ultimately to collect money owed to you. Ensuring that debts are paid promptly is crucial running any business (or household) and throughout the United […]

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