Richter Global have provided exceptional service for Richter Associates. The process is straightforward, and their team are professional and efficient. They have helped me recover 100% of our outstanding debt from stubborn non-payers, significantly improving my cash flow.

Having a Letter Before Action sent from a professional service has proved so much more effective than sending our own letters. Further, the statement of rights to fees and interest in the letter has resulted in a number of our debtors paying immediately that the letter is received in order to avoid further charges.

The pricing structure is clear and very reasonable. Compared to other services we have used in the past, it is very competitively priced and the steps for escalating recovery are easy to navigate, although the Letter Before Action has proved sufficient in our collections. Working in the construction industry, an effective cash collection tool is a huge benefit to our operation.

I highly recommend for effective debt recovery.

Rachel Cole FCMA

Group Finance Director, Richter Global


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