Dispute Resolution

Business debt recovery is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution. Here at Debt-Claims Solicitors we listen to each client and assess the strengths and weaknesses of all claims. Sometimes we may recommend that using Alternative Dispute Resolution methods such as mediation as an alternative to legal action will get you the best outcome.

Debt-Claims Solicitors’ bespoke Debt Recovery portal not only offers you a service to pursue unpaid debts but can also advise on alternative solutions to the problem. Litigation may not be suitable for your debt collection requirement and we are here to ensure you take the right path.

Dispute resolution is a service which offers more flexibility and less formality. A claim may have stalled simply because negotiations have broken down or there has been a clash of personalities. More commonly, clients may request a greater involvement in the process and we are happy to support them all the way.

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Dispute Resolution
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Dispute Resolution

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Dispute Resolution

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