Debt-Claims Solicitors: Your valued partner in debt recovery

At Debt-Claims Solicitors, we blend cutting-edge technology and legal expertise to offer agile, effective solutions for debt recovery and insolvency practitioners.

Tailored for your unique needs, our services help our users stay ahead in a dynamic industry. At the heart of our business is our online portal, crafted with insights from our experienced team. It provides instant access, real-time updates, and seamless operations, putting you in control of every case.

Though our approach is modern, our advice is rooted in the rich experience of our UK-based solicitors, ensuring timely, time-tested counsel. With us, you get the perfect mix of digital innovation and legal expertise to navigate the complexities of debt recovery.

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Why choose Debt-Claims Solicitors?

Innovative Technology

Debt-Claims Solicitors’ unique portal, built with insights from debt collection specialists, offers real-time management through a dynamic interface. This streamlines decision-making, case management, and recovery processes, allowing debt recovery professionals to focus on higher value tasks and simplifies the complexities of debt recovery.

Legal Experience

Partnering with Debt-Claims Solicitors allows debt recovery practitioners to operate more effectively and confidently. With our team’s specialised UK-based legal expertise, we help users navigate the intricacies of litigation, while ensuring compliance with all regulations. This partnership mitigates risk and optimises efficient debt recovery, providing a robust framework for achieving exceptional results in this complex field.


The benefits of time-saving technology and assured legal compliance enables debt recovery practitioners to recover more funds effectively. The unique advantages not only allow users to stay ahead of the competition, but also offer a real point of difference in a competitive sector. Ultimately, we help clients develop, by delivering consistent result and create opportunities for growth.

Recently started using Debt Claim Solicitors to collect a number of commercial debts we are owed. Straight talking, very quick and effective. Would high recommend.
Kane Rowland
Kane Rowland
19:03 09 Jun 23
I have used Debt-Claims Solicitors twice recently and both monies outstanding have been awarded. The portal is easy to use and a solicitor is on the end of the phone if needed. I used to write these debts off but now i will be chasing them.Highly recommended this service.Dean Veritas Business Sales
Dean Mcleod
Dean Mcleod
08:47 12 May 23
Fabulous service from Debt Claims! The platform is super easy to use, and you can follow progress and escalate your claim if necessary. The legal team are there to help if you are unsure at any point of the process, and they come back to you very quickly. It's the best debt collection service i've ever used and is highly recommended. Thank you!! 🙂
CharleyB 1975
CharleyB 1975
09:11 24 Apr 23
I would highly recommend contacting Debt-Claims to support debt recovery services. The portal is user friendly, it clearly details the process of your claim and provides clear instructions on the next stages. I would also like to thank Robin Appleyard for his patience and guidance when navigating my claim. He has been a great help in providing information and ongoing support. I would not hesitate to use this service again.
Gemma Carver
Gemma Carver
20:26 03 Apr 23
After chasing payments for a number of months we reached out to Debt-Claims Solicitors and after just one letter from them we received payment! Why didn’t we do it sooner? Cash flow for an SME is so important.Next time we will.Thank you Debt-Claims Solicitors
Gill Fox
Gill Fox
13:31 03 Nov 22
Robin Appleyard was absolutely brilliant and help me recover the money owed to me from someone who I had inadvertently over paid.
Satnam Gill
Satnam Gill
21:29 10 Oct 22

Commonly asked questions

What if there has been a substantial delay?

The Limitations Act 1980 outlines the time limit within which a creditor can chase a debtor for outstanding debts.

How long will it take to recover a debt and what is the cost?

The timescales and procedure for recovering a debt or a money claim are governed by the Civil Procedure Rules.

What if my debt is disputed?

One of the most common reasons for invoices not being paid is that the Debtor disputes the invoice amount or that the invoice is owed at all.

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A quick and simple online process

Legal background checks on your company

A detailed, easy-to-use online form

Our team gets to work recovering your debt

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