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Having worked in partnership with Debt Claims for sometime now as our go to partner in debt recovery and litigation we find this has been an excellent choice for both us and our client’s needs. As High Court Enforcement Officers we are often asked for help with the
debt recovery process as well as the enforcement process. We often refer our clients to deal directly to Debt Claims in order to recover their debts or where that is not possible to gain a judgment against the debtor.

These judgments are then passed back to us at Quality Bailiffs to enforce in the form of a writ of control, where we visit the debtors and attempt to take control of their goods to satisfy the writ. Our clients feedback to us that Debt Claimsare very professional, cost effective and very easy to deal with . Clients have been extremely impressed as have we with their online debt recovery portal at https://debt claims.com.

This tool online allows you to issue solicitors letters like late payment demands, letters before action and if that does not work issue a claim or statutory demand against the debtor. Prices start at £2.50 and allows you to add reasonable charges or charges and interest under the late  payments of commercial debts interest act. The dashboard keeps you updated on your case and emails you reminders or to tell you about any messages or responses.

We highly recommend Debt Claims and suggest you check out their portal as your first line of defence against late payment and debt.

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