How can Debt-Claims Help you Recover Money Owed for Unpaid Private Medical and Dental Bills

Private medical and dental services are big business in England and Wales and with longer wait times for state services becoming the norm, the private industry is ever-increasing.

With an increase in customers comes an increase in unpaid bills – this is where Debt-Claims can assist with its fast and cost-effective debt collection. Starting with a late payment demand (LPD) for just £2.50, we will write to the debtor noting that we are instructed and demanding payment of the outstanding balance. An LPD is often all that is needed to attract payment and can be sent repeatedly for regular late payers. If payment does not materialise, then you can send a letter before action (LBA) for £12.50 – this is our formal letter as required before legal proceedings are issued.

When you use Debt-Claims, all of our correspondence is bespoke to the information provided by you. This means that the debtor has full knowledge of the specifics, narrowing any opportunity for dispute at a later stage.

Since its launch, Debt-Claims has partnered with several large dental practices who use our services to collect and manage their debtors and late payers.

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