Creating a Bespoke Debt Recovery Service for Gym Owners and Personal Trainers

Recently, we were introduced to a potential client who owned two independent gym and fitness businesses and it was explained to us that they had several clients who had not paid their gym membership fees.

When submitting an instruction via the portal, a user chooses the agreement type (for example, goods sold and delivered) and our robots then draft all the appropriate documents with specific wording to the relevant agreement type.

During an initial Teams meeting and subsequent correspondence with the client, we discussed our services and how the Debt-Claims portal worked. Once we had found out more about the needs of the client, we added a new agreement type to our portal titled ‘Gym Membership/Services’. In doing this, it means that all of the client’s instructions (whether that be letters, money claim legal proceedings, or statutory demands) are relevant to the debtors that they have and offer a level specificity that will greatly assist in collecting the unpaid gym fees.

The ’Gym Membership/Services’ agreement type is available for any client to use, so if you own a gym or personal training business and have late or non-payers, you can benefit from this at no extra cost.

We are always looking to expand so if you have a unique set of debtors that you want assistance in collecting their debts, talk to us today about our bespoke offering.

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